What you offer and what is you profession?

I offer build website and web applications. I’m programmer.

What is it web application?

The complete definition you can find in wikipedia but in my offer web application its a dedicate software with using technology example Laravel in PHP, Node Js. This is solution for clients who need advanced details someone CMS like WordPress or Prestashop cannot making.

What is it CMS?

CMS – Content management system some one have ready components like admin panel with posts, pages, menu, plugins and themes someone can using to create website and more like wordpress.

How looks like process like i decide of your offer?

I have to meet your expectations and prepare estimates for you if you accept price and different cases we started work.

How long you need to create simple website?

It depends on how must be the big project simple website 3 – 14 days in WordPress, something more website 14 – 30 days. Dedicated solution or advances website couple month.

How to pay for completed work?

Invoices or contracts.

What if i have problem with someone functionalities some one you create but is bad work?

You have to send me email describe which element is not work and i will fixed.