Web Builder Company is a digital agency with a full range of services in California and Poland. We are professional, experienced and forward-looking, and with our strength and enthusiasm, we reach customer needs for effective solutions. We live in a world of digital innovation and stay there around the clock to meet your needs. Today we are, we create tomorrow, we implement your brand, or web portals and mobile applications that see the future. We integrate marketing and branding with digital innovations. In Web Builder Cmp. we believe in the passion to give more through hard work and the search for triumph, we start where other companies stop.

Creative Peoples

We believe in the principle of Work hard until you reach your goal! We are a group of creative heads united by passion. We believe that people who believe in what they do become the best specialists in their field. You cannot think well, love well, and sleep well if you are not good enough at what we do. At Web Builder, we focus on professionalism, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Professional Development

We build, we design,
we implement, celebrate success and encourage them when they have moments of weakness. We motivate ourselves to solve extremely difficult tasks and unite to achieve a better result. Because we know that when we spend time, the team shares the fruits of our work and our commitment to our common goal benefits everyone.



Michał Kukuła | President and Webdeveloper

Michał has been working in the IT industry for over several years. During this time, he held both technical and managerial positions. He understands the world of technology.